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The table provides information about all GeologyOntario databases. Find out more about each database by clicking the link under the Database Description column. Each database can be viewed using Google Earth. The links under OGSEarth (kml) take you to the OGSEarth webpage for each database. The GIS/Data column provides links to ZIP files for each database. The files include Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet or Access® database and GIS files in shapefile format. Other formats are listed if available. The update frequency and last update of each database is also provided.
NOTE: Other Geoscience and mineral exploration information can be viewed spatially using the links on the OGSEarth webpage.

Database Descriptions OGSEarth (kml) GIS/Data Other Formats Frequency Updated
AMIS Abandoned Mines AMIS ArcGIS, WEB APP, Spreadsheets 15-Nov-18
MDI Mineral Deposits MDI On hold 02-Jul-21
OAFD Assessment Files OAFD Monthly 01-Sep-21
ODHD Drill Holes ODHD Power BI Monthly 01-Sep-21
PUB Maps & Digital Data Custom Google Search, Search an Interactive table, PUB Spreadsheet, OGSEarth By release 30-Jun-21
Database Description: Abandoned Mines
OGSEarth (kml): Abandoned Mines
Other Formats: ArcGIS, PowerBI, Web App, Spreadsheets
Updated: 15-Nov-18

Database Description: Mineral Deposit Inventory (MDI)
OGSEarth (kml): Mineral Deposits
Frequency: Monthly
Updated: 02-Jul-21

Database Description: Assessment Files (OAFD)
OGSEarth (kml): Assessment Files
Frequency: Monthly
Updated: 01-Sep-21

Database Description: Drill Holes (ODHD)
OGSEarth (kml): Drill Holes
Other Formats: Power BI
Frequency: Monthly
Updated: 01-Sep-21

Database Description: Publications
OGSEarth (kml): Maps & Digital Data
Other Formats: Custom Google Search, Search an interactive table, Spreadsheet, OGSEarth
Frequency: View the Publications Release page
Updated: 30-Jun-21

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