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OGS Publication Types

A 'Series Code' is used to prefix publications. The following is a list of all the codes being used and a description.

Series Code Description
ARIP Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper
ARM Annual Report Map
ARV Annual Report Volume
ASR Annual Statistical Report
B Bulletin
EDS ERLIS Data Series
ES Education Series
GB Guidebook
GDIF Geoscience Data Inventory Folio
GDS Geophysical Data Set
GPR Geophysical Report
GRS Groundwater Resources Studies
IC Information Circular
IMBP Industrial Mineral Background Paper
IMR Industrial Minerals Report
INV Index Volume
M1 Map, 1900 Series
M2 Map, 2000 Series
M5 Map, 5000 Series
M6 Map, 60 000 Series
M8 Map, 80 000 Series
MA Map, A Series
MDC Mineral Deposits Circular
MDI Mineral Deposit Inventory
MG Map, G series
MP Miscellaneous Paper
MPBP Mineral Policy Background Paper
MRD Miscellaneous Release - Data
MS Map, S Series
NOEGTS Northern Ontario Engineering Geology Terrain Study
NSP Non-Serial Publications
OFM Open File Map
OFR Open File Report
OGP Oil and Gas Paper
OP Occasional Paper
P Map, P Series
POSTER Posters
PR Preliminary Report
R Report, Geological Report, Geoscience Report
S Study, Geological Circular
SV Special Volume
VC Video Census