Abandoned Mines Information System Description

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This database is current to November 15, 2018.

The Abandoned Mines information system (AMIS) is a database containing information on known abandoned mine sites and mine hazard features located on both Crown and privately held lands within the province of Ontario. This includes sites that are abandoned, may possibly be in production or may be covered by a closure plan. It also includes sites under Mining Act, Aggregate Resources Act and Federal jurisdictions.

Methods to View/Download Data

  1. The GeologyOntario application provides access to AMIS database through a quick and effective search engine. Searches can be done by using simple keywords or by using focused searches using Boolean operators. Keywords can include the abandoned mine id, mine name, jurisdiction, and geographic area (township). An overview and description of the search types including Boolean can be found in the Help Me reference.
  2. The AMIS database can be downloaded from the GeologyOntario application. It is available as a packaged product provided in 2 formats: 1) a tabular spreadsheet (Microsoft® xls) format and 2) a geospatial GIS (ESRI® geodatabase) format.
  3. The AMIS sites and features data found on our OGSEarth page can also be viewed in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format using Google Earth Opens in a new window or other applications compatible with KML. Further database information and metadata is found within the download package.
  4. AMIS sites and features can be viewed through ArcGIS online.
  5. AMIS sites and features can be viewed on the AMIS WEB APP.
  6. AMIS can be viewed in a three page Dashboard format using Microsoft Power BI.
  7. AMIS can be downloade in Excel spreadsheet format

Please be aware of the following regarding our AMIS data:

The information herein is provided by NDMNRF free of charge and for information purposes only. All information is provided “as is” without warranties or conditions of any kind either expressed or implied. In providing the AMIS database information, NDMNRF and the Government of Ontario accept no liability and make no warranty or any representation regarding the use, accuracy, applicability, completeness, performance, availability, security or reliability of the information, through field measurements or otherwise. It is the sole responsibility of the person choosing to receive and use this information to verify the accuracy of any information obtained from this data package.

The reader is warned to undertake his or her own independent investigation to validate this information. Reports provided within are not compliant with CSA standards.

The maps and/or coordinates provided are not intended for navigational, survey, or land title determination purposes. Maps included may not show unregistered land tenure and interests in land including certain patents, leases, easements, rights of way, flooding rights, licences, or other forms of disposition of rights and interest from the Crown. Land tenure and land uses that restrict or prohibit free entry to stake mining claims may not be illustrated.

Ministry Contact Information

Emilie Trottier
Mine Hazards Technical Specialist
Abandoned Mines Rehabilitation Program

Further Information

Further database information and metadata are found within the download package.

Abandoned Mines – Stay Out! Stay Alive! Bulletin

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